"We are all too busy wanking." ~virginjoe (.Y.) <–tits



Boner Meter - 7
Naughty Meter - 6.5
Hotbod Meter - 7.5
Camshow Meter - 9


The creative camgirl next door.


There’s lots fo say about Keylimepie. She’s the creative gal, always inventing and creating new stuff. You will never be bored in her room. The only thing bad to say about her is that lately she’s been losing her creativity to just do like anybody else which is a shame, we liked her craziness, her creativity and her fun shows. We can’t wait for a new Streamate appreciation day!


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About My Appearance

How Tall?
How big? 120 Lbs.
Hair Color? Blond
Eye Color? Green
Body Shape? Thin
Ethnicity? White
Boobs? Small
Shaved? Bald
Boobs/Waist/Booty? 32″ / 26″ / 32″
Fetishes? Bdsm, Leather, Rubberlatex, Feet, Smoking, Anal, Voyeur

About My Performance

What do I do
What show? There is no show. If my life is a show then I want what the television actors are making. If I fall asleep do not take me private or exclusive.
What do I Like
I’m turned on mentally first always. I love hands, hair, and a beautiful mind. If you know all the word to Duck Tales you’ve won my heart. I love to say no.
My Skillset
Fucking with you head. Nobody does it better. I can make you harder than anyone else can, and more disappointed than anyone else can when I leave you without any help along. Enjoy.

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  • girl1nose2eyes

    Reviews should be made without one’s bias, no? All of these reviews seem a little catty to me. I don’t understand the motive here unless it’s to get people to not frequent models’ rooms.