Frequently Asked Questions

What is Streamate TV Webcam?

We are reviewing Streamate models. It’s as simple as that. And our review is absolutely subjective. It’s only our point of view, nothing else. Who absolutely rawks for us might not for use and vice versa.

How can I find a performer?

We only review girls that we believe worth a review, or girls who seemed interesting to us for whatever reason. If you want to read a review about a specific girl, use our search and see if we did write a review or not….and be patient if your favorite girl is not there;)

I can’t find my favorite performer

You already searched the site and you can’t find the girl you believe deserve a review. First, we apologize, we don’t review everybody. It takes some time to spend some time with a girl and write an honest review. That being said, we are more than happy to review new girls, girls that we missed or girls that were not under our radar yet. So feel free to let us know and give us ideas on who we should focus on next. Simply send us a tweet and let us know who you want to have us review next:)

What if I totally disagree with your review

It’s absolutely your right. Again, we don’t pretend to be the voice of the crowd, we just give our opinion. That’s why we are hoping that as many people as possible will give their opinion as well including if they totally disagree with us:) You can write your own review or comment ours for each performer and we expect you to do so:)

Get in touch with us

If you have questions, comments, concerns…or simply to say hi, fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as we possibly can:)

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