Welcome to The Emma Show as seen on HBO’s Sex//Now!(:

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Boner Meter - 8
Naughty Meter - 7.5
Hotbod Meter - 7
Camshow Meter - 9


Go Team Emma!


There’s always something going on or someone new to join them. Although Emma’s voice is a little on the annoying side, nothing to say about the show. They usually deliver the goods;) if you like threesome, this is definitely the perfect room to be in. There’s always a new girl and fairly cute. Lucky Eddie;)


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About My Appearance

How Tall? Tall
How big? 120 Lbs.
Hair Color? Blond
Eye Color? Brown
Body Shape? Thin
Ethnicity? European
Boobs? Too Small
Shaved? Bald
Boobs/Waist/Booty? 32″ / 24″ / 27″
Fetishes? Feet, Underwear, Deepthroat, Facials, Creampie

About My Performance

What do I do
The Emma Show is the best part of my day! We hang out, play games, do raffles, and get naughty! (:
What do I Like
Nice, fun, and smart people! Don’t be afraid to have a good time and be yourself! Girls like confidence! (:
My Skillset
Being fabulous! Professional jizz catcher, facials are definitely my specialty lol and deepthroat time!(:

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